How to Close Background Apps on iPhone and iPad

How to Close Background Apps on iPhone and iPad

iPhone and iPad customers continue to concern themselves with the battery life of their device. Even when they begin the day with a full charge, many users report that their phone or tablet no longer works by the end of the day. This battery life issue especially affects business users who rely on the high speed internet their phone provides to stay connected with employers and clients. By learning how to close background applications on their device, users can see a noticeable increase in the life of their battery.

Many iPhone and iPad owners think their apps close automatically when they finish using them. Instead, the operating system keeps the apps running in the background so they will quickly resume if needed. This multitasking feature helps users juggle the apps they need to use on their phone, but it also uses up precious battery power as the phone works under a heavier load. Those who need their mobile device to last all day on a single charge need to follow simple steps to shut down these apps so they can have high speed internet all throughout their day.

The first step in shutting down background apps is to quickly press the home button twice. This opens the multitasking bar which shows all the apps currently running on the device.

Users can then choose an app to close by pressing and holding its icon, resulting in a shaky icon with a minus sign.

A single tap on the minus sign will close the app.

Users should repeat this procedure for every app they wish to close. With the multi-task menu open, sliding to the left (on the iPhone) brings up more hidden functions that are more apparent on the iPad. When finished, users should press the home button again to exit from the multitasking window.

Shutting down background apps helps users conserve power by reducing the load on their device during the day. Users who frequently close background apps will notice that their phone works longer every day on a single charge.

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