How to Take Screenshots on Android Phone

Android is open source Mobile OS from Google, there are many phone now on android and its growing day by day,it’s now main competitor of apple iphone, it has many good features in Android and now they are launched latest version of Android 2.2.

If you have Android phone and want to take screenshots then you may find some problem because it dose not have any inbuilt Feature to take screenshots, but there is nothing impossible in this technology world, now here is details witch will help you to take screenshot of your android phone.

You will need the following:

1. A PC, Mac or Linux machine.

2. An Android based phone.

3. Android SDK.

4. Complete Java 5 or 6 SE Development Kit (Java SDK) on your computer.

How to take Screenshot of Android Phone:

1. Install Android SDK

2. go to Settings > Application > Development and Enable USB Debugging check box.

3. Now plug-in your Android phone to computer

4. Find the SDK folder in your computer which you have recently installed. On all OS that folder should begin with “android-sdk-“

5. then open Tools folder in Android SDK folder

6. Double click the file titled DDMS (Dalvik Debug Monitor Service)

7. Your device should be listed in DDMS highlight it by clicking on it.

8.  Then in application’s top menu go to Device > Screen Capture.

it’s done, with this easy step you can capture screenshots and if you want to take new screenshots then click on refresh button and then take screenshots.

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