iPhone 4G online pre-orders has suspended by AT&T due to system crash

Recently, AT&T has suspended online pre-order of Apple iPhone 4 due to system crash. Yesterday was both a good day and bad day for Apple because Apple has sold more than 600000 new iPhones but due to this great demand, the server of Apple and AT&T weren’t able to process all the online orders. Taking into consideration, Apple has ground in such extremely wanted after the features, the hype nearby the iPhone 4 has been marvelous especially with all of the reveal and what not leading up to its official announcement.

As the hype has been so tremendous, it’s to be expected that the sales number will also be remarkable, something we will undesirably be to come until June 24th to find out for real. If you have been trying to pre-order as iPhone 4 within last few hours, you may notice that you are unable to do so. This is due to the huge amount of people trying to pre-order the phone causing both the Apple and AT&T’s online store to crash. An AT&T spokesperson write,” iPhone 4 pre-order sales yesterday were 10 times higher than the first day of pre-order for the iPhone 3G S last year”.

By now, we are sure that consumers are highly excited about iPhone 4. By AT&T webpage repots there were “13 million visits” yesterday of consumer checking if they were eligible for an upgrade and its 3-time higher the previous record, according to AT&T. because of those visits make AT&T server to crash, which is disallow to many looking for pre-orders.

According to AT&T webpage error, which is suggesting customers to call support only if they have non-iPhone upgrade related issues. By the other reports which shows that not only AT&T server has crash but also the AT&T internal systems is down as well leaving many retail location unable to take pre-order.

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