PlayStation 3 Has Been Hacked to Run Games Without Original Discs

Here is Good news for all PlayStation Lover now you can Run games without Original Discs, this is true news finally most secured Gaming console hack and now you can use it without original Discs.

This is achieved by a special “USB modchip” drive which allows you to dump your games from original discs to internal or external drive connected to PS3, We have also seen few months ago a famous hacker Geoge Hotz has hacked PS3 witch will help to access full memory but in few days sony has removed that features but now you can run your PlayStation 3 without original Disc.

Engadget has reported about this :

the console’s internal HDD and external drives are both a-ok — as well as the subsequent playing of said games without the need for the original disc. Could it be the backup/piracy nirvana Sony loyalists have been awaiting for so long? Well, there’s a video showing the little USB device apparently working, and the PSX-Scene team say they have personally verified that it does what it claims to do, but skepticism remains advisable here.

you can check Below given video for more details:

Stay with us for more details about the all latest news about PlayStation 3 and other details about how to run your PlayStation 3 without Original Discs.

via: redmondpie and engadget

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